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Your life is not set in stone. Even if you’ve screwed up for 10 years straight, you can make a new choice tomorrow. This program is designed to give you 5 days of exercises and challenges to help you create new, simple habits in your life.

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Your body is not Amazon Prime—there isn't a 2-day fix.

3 essential daily practices to feel healthier and more comfortable in your own skin.
Discover the key component of every diet that is stealing your sanity and keeping you stuck.
My 3 body truths that will change the way you see yourself in the mirror… cue self-confidence.
Day 2: brain

Mental tips and tricks that will help you maximize your daily potential.

How to break through mental obstacles and eliminate negative thought patterns.
Learn how to show up for yourself during your most dreaded commitments with the 60-second rule.
Live less anxiously and anchor yourself to what truly matters with my three mindset tips.
Day 3: belief

The Magical Ingredient–the only one you need.

Build Belief Momentum with my 2-Day Rule and a tactic I like to call “building streaks."
I share my struggles with self-belief and the failures that changed my life—for the better.
I’ll go over my three Big Truths that will empower you in shattering self-doubt.
Day 4: boundaries

The transformation of a human-doing into a human-being. A guide to establishing boundaries that STICK.

The perils of living without limit — how sustaining boundaries rebuilt my self-worth.
Learn how to define and reinforce your boundaries by becoming beneficially selfish.
Overcome habitual people-pleasing by aligning your values with your commitments.
Day 5: balance

Balance & Boundary—perfection not included.

Learn how to tune out the expectations of others and forge your own path.
My balance collision: How I juggled Hollywood and motherhood. Learn my go-to tactics for prioritizing personal and professional commitments.
My 3 essential truths to embrace and carry on your journey (these are transformative, tried, and true).

Discover genuine confidence with Heidi Powell

You might know me best as a transformation specialist from the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss, but I have been helping people make changes in their life for as long as I can remember. 

I am here for you! I want to share not only my expertise, but my own personal journey also. Through this bootcamp, I can help you live your most authentic life, being unapologetically YOU.

Heidi has been featured across a wide spectrum of platforms.

People are LOVING this bootcamp.

Diane H.
Flowery Branch, GA
I feel like I can work on one concept, a day at a time!
The 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp is a game changer! I love how Heidi talks about all aspects of our lives and not just about weight loss. She breaks everything down into steps that are doable and not overwhelming. It makes me feel like I can just work on one concept a day at a time, and if I don’t get it right that day, I can repeat the same principle on the next day.
dacula, GA
I will never look at rocks and sand the same!
Heidi’s 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp program is life-changing! Heidi is so relatable, and I felt like I was talking with my BFF — a BFF who made me feel like I WILL (not can) make these important changes in my life! I also loved Heidi’s examples and analogies throughout the program, and I will never look at rocks and sand the same way again.
natasha f.
Bettendorf, IA
So applicable and easy to implement.
Heidi gives us simple, smart goals that we can all tailor to fit our own needs. I love that she gives us her real life opinions backed with science to help us make those habit changes to see the progress that we’ve been longing for. She talks to us like we’re friends and we’re having a "real talk" conversation like “Hey sis. Here’s what we gotta do."
ameera m.
salt lake city, ut
The 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp helped me get unstuck.
Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by the idea of change — I knew I needed more balance but had no idea where to begin. Heidi taught me that my perceptions about myself were keeping me stuck. This was the hard reset I needed to get out of a funk. I will be using all of Heidi’s tips, tools, and strategies this coming year. And going after some of my long awaited dreams! Thanks Heidi!
phoenix, AZ
Tangible advice created a powerful week!
I wasn’t sure how much I could learn in 5 days, but Heidi’s combination of personal stories and tangible advice created a powerful week. I loved that each day focused on a new concept and appreciated the insight for putting it into motion with the right perspective for lasting change.
Jessica J.
Bellingham, WA
This will become part of my morning routine!
Heidi Powell’s 5 Days to Balance provided me with daily building blocks to reach my transformation goals! The topics Heidi talked about were relevant, brutally honest, and resonated with me. The wellness reminders, daily affirmations and 60 second actions discussed will become part of my morning routine starting tomorrow! THANK YOU Heidi!
Katelin S.
Seattle, WA
Exactly what I needed to reset my mindset!
Heidi has a distinct way as a trainer of addressing not just the physical side of transformation but the emotional side as well. This program is exactly what I needed to reset my mindset, to focus on what I need to do for ME to be successful going forward. 5 Days to Balance has equipped me more than any other month long challenge ever has!
Carly M.
portland, or
Really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness.
[This] really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness. With a different focus every day, Heidi gives TANGIBLE things for you to put into action that are actually sustainable. She has given me tips on how to live outside my comfort zone, embrace that MY balance is different than everyone else’s and that it’s more than okay to live life in abundance. Thank you Heidi!
Jodi A.
Gilbert, AZ
Heidi has taught me to SUCCEED!
Heidi’s 5 Days to Balance is such a gift! I appreciate how honest Heidi was when talking about “Belief” and how willing she is to share herself with the rest of us. I know by using the principles that Heidi has taught me I will see success in many areas in my life, not just physically. Thank you Heidi!
Alexa P.
Queen Creek, AZ
Really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness.
My very favorite part of each day’s lesson was the daily affirmation that Heidi presented. This is something that I plan on doing forever! Heidi’s incredibly relatable approach really allowed me to reflect on my thoughts and actions, and how I can alter them to positively impact my future. I cannot recommend this challenge enough!

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Change your life in just 5 days.
"My very favorite part of each day’s lesson was the daily affirmation that Heidi presented. This is something that I plan on doing forever!"
Alexa P.
Queen Creek, AZ
"Heidi has given me tips on how to live outside my comfort zone, embrace that MY balance is different than everyone else’s and that it’s more than okay to live life in abundance.”
Carly M.
portland, or

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When will the next bootcamp be starting? 
You can sign up for the bootcamp at any time!

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How do I access the course?
Each day, you will receive an email and a text with a link to that day’s training page. The training page will have a video, the affirmations, and your workout for the day. 

At the end of the 5 days, you’ll receive a link where you can access the entire training forever so you can go through it again and again.
How long until I see results?
That is up to you. If you fully engage with the bootcamp content and participate in the challenges, you will see an improvement. This experience is wellness-oriented, which means it isn’t a quick fix. We are building a foundation for better mental and physical health. It won’t happen over night, but I do believe that after 5 days, you’ll walk away with MORE clarity, confidence, and tools to apply to your life.
Is this a diet or a weight loss program?
I do offer lots of weight loss programs; however, this is not one of them. As a transformation specialist, I have seen the most consistent and powerful change when we focus on developing a handful of mental and physical habits. This training will provide you with daily tweaks to apply every day in order to support real growth mind, body, and soul.
What can I expect?

Reserve just 30 minutes daily. 

Every day, you will receive an email containing a video link training. 

Each daily video training includes:

  •  A set of simple building blocks. These range from exercises and strategies to habits to introduce into your routine for balance.
  • My top truths and takeaways for each daily focus. These are gritty life lessons and universal truths you can learn from so you can adopt a healthier, more successful mindset. 
  • A daily move and affirmation to link your mental and physical understanding of each concept.

Expect to dig deep and find your healthiest (and happiest) self!