Learn the secret to setting goals that stick and uncover your truth in the process.

Secrets of Goal Setting will guide you through the process of uncovering why goal setting hasn't worked in the past, and a new way to look at goals that will guarantee you hit them every time.
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Setting goals with strategy is your stepping stone to living the life you daydream about.

A personal note from Heidi.
From: Heidi Powell

Subject: I can help you get what you want out of life!

I want to take a moment and share my personal story with you...

My life over the past 10 years has involved TV shows, media appearances, and working with THOUSANDS of people helping them change their minds and bodies, and I’ve even been blessed to be in rooms with the wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential people in the world.

‍But my life hasn’t always been this way.

‍In fact, my journey began as ordinary as it can get.

‍‍My parents were great! My mom was (and is) beautiful, my dad a major go-getter. He would challenge us and always push us to be better.

But no matter how much confidence he had in us, I never believed that I had the right to be confident in myself.

On the inside, I was living a small life. I felt like I didn't deserve anything bigger than me. Success was something that was meant for other people and it had somehow skipped over me, I felt diminished.

I remember being a hostess at Vito's Pizza and watching the servers, thinking, “I could never do that... I could never talk to people and be that confident...”

This lack of confidence in myself, matched with the pressure I felt to succeed, resulted in a major internal battle.

This internal conflict led to a spiral of less and less confidence and an eating disorder that lasted years.

‍I never learned to say no—everyone else's wants, demands, and plans for my life took priority over my own because I never was the main character in my life's story.

Are you tired of waking up feeling like you’re stuck in someone else’s story?

‘The Secrets of Goal-Setting’ is for anyone with aspirations who feels like they're on the sidelines of their own life. 

As you know we’ve worked with over 70 people on our show Extreme Weight Loss. We helped them lose over HALF their weight in body weight. 

But what a lot of people don’t know is that only half of our contestants haven’t been able to keep the weight off. 

We discovered "weight loss" is only partly about physical change. The other half of the equation (and the biggest) is the mental change. 

I realized that the way we’ve been taught to set goals as a society is flawed and truly INCOMPLETE.

Goals mainly focus on an outward result… I want to make this, have that, or get rid of that… 

I realized that those who kept the weight off and continue to progress years later are the ones who've had an identity transformation.

So what’s the difference between those who make their goals a lifestyle and those with short-lived goals?

Goals that are deeply tied to our identities create long-lasting changes.  

‘Secrets of Goal Setting’ actually walks you through that process of uncovering your identities, and how to set goals in a way that sticks forever. 

This course will help you discover:

Who you think you are AKA ..the negative self-beliefs you’ve let dictate your life trajectory

Who you truly are. The person underneath the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

Who you want to be. Your unique strategy and path to begin creating an authentic life where your goals become reality.

This system works because it’s based on changing the underlying mindset rather than the outside result. 

Throughout 11 modules, you will break down mental barriers to reset and rebuild your approach to setting goals.

And this framework can be applied to ANY kind of goal, it is universal.

I’m here to give you the tools, perspective, and strategies to START this journey.

Ask Dr. Meg a question!

What are you the most afraid of in your parenting and what is the most difficult part for you? Complete the quick survey below and let us know.

Dr. Meg Meeker will be recording a special episode of her podcast, Parenting Great Kids, the week of December 16th, 2020 talking ALL about how to become a FEARLESS parent in 2020.

She'll be reviewing the 5 steps listed above, as well as answering your questions.
It shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes.
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Learn how to set goals that stick.

Get the strategy, support, and tools to revive your goals so you can step into a life that is authentic and unapologetically YOU.

Here's what you'll get:

Access to my learning platform

You’ll create a username and password and can log in anytime to access your training materials anytime. Your purchase includes LIFETIME access.

Goal-setting strategies for long-lasting change

Reprogram your identity and change your reality. Experience the self-worth that comes with making goals with integrity.

Private Facebook Group Access

My private FB group provides a motivating community and a safe place to communicate and cheer each other on throughout our goal-setting experience.

You'll LEARN how to:

Go Inward and Get to Know Yourself

Revisit your past goal graveyard, why didn’t it work? Understand the power of creating goals based on the soul and manage your ego’s expectations.

Expose your inner critic

Understand the story you’ve been holding onto and the internal dialogue you’re allowing to influence your life. Awareness lives here!

Learn how to change your reality

Reprogram your identity by setting goals that mirror your personality and vision for the future.

Bounce back from setbacks with a new mindset

Create a system of accountability you’ll always have a strategy for any obstacle you may encounter. 

Prioritize self-growth and progress daily

 Find confidence by creating new habits and routines that support your POTENTIAL. Consistently measure and visualize your goals so growth is always on the horizon.

How would your life change if you hit your goals?

There’s nothing quite like the awesome feeling that comes from reaching a goal and finally being able to say, “I did it!”

I’ll teach you my proven strategies so you can replicate results across all areas of your life!
This is a one size fits all approach to acquiring the things you want most in life.

Are you ready to uncover your inner goal-getter?

Secrets of Goal-Setting

Get the strategy, support, and tools to revive your goals so you can step into a life that is authentic and unapologetically YOU.

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Hear reviews from my other programs:

Diane H.
Flowery Branch, GA
I feel like I can work on one concept, a day at a time!
The 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp is a game changer! I love how Heidi talks about all aspects of our lives and not just about weight loss. She breaks everything down into steps that are doable and not overwhelming. It makes me feel like I can just work on one concept a day at a time, and if I don’t get it right that day, I can repeat the same principle on the next day.
dacula, GA
I will never look at rocks and sand the same!
Heidi’s 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp program is life-changing! Heidi is so relatable, and I felt like I was talking with my BFF — a BFF who made me feel like I WILL (not can) make these important changes in my life! I also loved Heidi’s examples and analogies throughout the program, and I will never look at rocks and sand the same way again.
natasha f.
Bettendorf, IA
So applicable and easy to implement.
Heidi gives us simple, smart goals that we can all tailor to fit our own needs. I love that she gives us her real life opinions backed with science to help us make those habit changes to see the progress that we’ve been longing for. She talks to us like we’re friends and we’re having a "real talk" conversation like “Hey sis. Here’s what we gotta do."
ameera m.
salt lake city, ut
The 5 Days to Balance Bootcamp helped me get unstuck.
Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by the idea of change — I knew I needed more balance but had no idea where to begin. Heidi taught me that my perceptions about myself were keeping me stuck. This was the hard reset I needed to get out of a funk. I will be using all of Heidi’s tips, tools, and strategies this coming year. And going after some of my long awaited dreams! Thanks Heidi!
phoenix, AZ
Tangible advice created a powerful week!
I wasn’t sure how much I could learn in 5 days, but Heidi’s combination of personal stories and tangible advice created a powerful week. I loved that each day focused on a new concept and appreciated the insight for putting it into motion with the right perspective for lasting change.
Jessica J.
Bellingham, WA
This will become part of my morning routine!
Heidi Powell’s 5 Days to Balance provided me with daily building blocks to reach my transformation goals! The topics Heidi talked about were relevant, brutally honest, and resonated with me. The wellness reminders, daily affirmations and 60 second actions discussed will become part of my morning routine starting tomorrow! THANK YOU Heidi!
Katelin S.
Seattle, WA
Exactly what I needed to reset my mindset!
Heidi has a distinct way as a trainer of addressing not just the physical side of transformation but the emotional side as well. This program is exactly what I needed to reset my mindset, to focus on what I need to do for ME to be successful going forward. 5 Days to Balance has equipped me more than any other month long challenge ever has!
Carly M.
portland, or
Really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness.
[This] really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness. With a different focus every day, Heidi gives TANGIBLE things for you to put into action that are actually sustainable. She has given me tips on how to live outside my comfort zone, embrace that MY balance is different than everyone else’s and that it’s more than okay to live life in abundance. Thank you Heidi!
Jodi A.
Gilbert, AZ
Heidi has taught me to SUCCEED!
Heidi’s 5 Days to Balance is such a gift! I appreciate how honest Heidi was when talking about “Belief” and how willing she is to share herself with the rest of us. I know by using the principles that Heidi has taught me I will see success in many areas in my life, not just physically. Thank you Heidi!
Alexa P.
Queen Creek, AZ
Really is a catalyst for change in your overall wellness.
My very favorite part of each day’s lesson was the daily affirmation that Heidi presented. This is something that I plan on doing forever! Heidi’s incredibly relatable approach really allowed me to reflect on my thoughts and actions, and how I can alter them to positively impact my future. I cannot recommend this challenge enough!

Your questions answered.

If your question isn’t covered below, send me an email at info@heidipowell.net

Is this for me? Is this the help I've been looking for?
The short answer is that this program ISN'T for everyone.

If you are ready to make adjustments to your way of living and your day-to-day life, and if you're sick of spinning your wheels without getting a lot of traction towards your goals or feeling more confident, then you will love this.

If you are looking for an immediate fix to a problem, you are in an emergency situation that might require therapy or more personalized medical advice, or if you are looking for something more streamlined that you can dip you toe into, then this program won't be a great fit. If this is you, email my team at info@heidipowell.net with the subject line "other options," and I'll send you a list of some books, programs, and therapy services that might be a better fit for you.

Again, this program isn't therapy — I'm not a medical professional. I will not be prescribing anything, and this will not be one-on-one counseling services. This program is structured to be a LIFE COACHING program and help you play life at your highest level. If that sounds interesting to you, you will thrive in this program.
When will this program start?
The FULL program won't be ready until sometime in April of this year, and it will cost $997. I am inviting you to join me and other experts as we record all 6 lessons LIVE each week. This is an exciting way to go through the program because you will be helping us build each lesson! As you have questions or need extra help, I'll answer your questions and give you more customized attention.

In exchange for your help, I'm letting you in on this program at a SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR ($700) savings!

The program will officially kick off the week of January 20, 2020.
How will I access the materials and trainings?
With your purchase, you will receive access to both a private Facebook group and an online learning dashboard, and you'll also be added to an exclusive email list and an insider's only text message list that will give you access to more personalized answers to your questions.

As far as when you will receive each piece of training material, you'll receive some the week of January 20th, and you'll receive new lessons and worksheets every week for 6 weeks.
Who are the experts I can expect to learn from?
I will announce the complete list of experts in the coming days, but let me just say that each person is LEGIT. Each week, I'll have a world-class expert join me to discuss that week's topic, and they will be providing insights, ideas, and paradigm shifts.
Is this a diet or a weight loss program?
I do offer lots of weight loss programs; however, this is not one of them. This program DOES include movement guides, recipes, and programmed workouts/eating plans, but the focus of this program is to help you feel your best PHYSICALLY so that you have the mental, emotional, and spiritual bandwidth to access the deeper life lessons.

So again, this is not a weight loss program, but you will create a few habits around eating and exercise that will align with your goals.

If you want additional help with weight loss, eating, or workouts, I would strongly recommend checking out our company Transform with Chris & Heidi. (transformhq.com)
How long until I see results?

That is up to you. If you fully engage with the program content and participate in the challenges and weekly assignments, you will see a major shift in your life. This experience is wellness-oriented, which means it isn’t a quick fix. We are building a foundation for better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual  health. It won’t happen over night, but I do believe that after 6 weeks, you’ll walk away with MORE clarity, confidence, and tools to apply to your life.

Learn how to set goals that stick.

Get the strategy, support, and tools to revive your goals so you can step into a life that is authentic and unapologetically YOU.
Pre-order now for only $77
Get access to my FIRST group
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